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GSoC 2014 with Sympy

Hi, I'm Harsh Gupta an undergrad student at IIT Kharagpur, I've been accepted this year for the Google Summer of Code program with Sympy.

So, What is a Google Summer of Code?

Google Summer of Code is a program by Google to promote opensource development. In this program Google pays handsome stipends to students to work for various opensource organisations. In the application phase the students have to write proposals to the organisations describing the projects they want to do and how do they fit for it. If the proposal is accepted the student is provided with a mentor and with the guidance of the mentor the student has to complete the project in the given timeline. You can look at my proposal. I proposed to work on improving the current equation solvers in Sympy. My mentors for the Project are Matthew Rocklin and Sergey B Kipirchev.

A word about Sympy.

Sympy is a pure python library for symbolic computation. Symbolic computation is similar to the maths you do by hands and it differs from numerical computations. More about Symbolic and Numerical computation in some other post. Sympy has been created by hundreds of contributors starting from 2006. It has an awesome developer community and we encourage outsiders to contribute and get their hands dirty with the code. What do you need to start contributing? Some python skills and little patience. Download the latest development code. Go through the development workflow. Find something to work on from the EasyToFix Issues. Code it and send us a pull request. Happy Coding.

I'll give a brief about the project aim and current state of work in the next post. I'm looking forward for a great summer with Sympy.