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Week 1 and Week 2

Hi, As I told you about in the previous post, My work for this summer will be improving the current equation solvers of sympy. There are basically three thing I'll have to do.

  1. Create a basic set infrastructure for solvers to return sets.
  2. Rewrite the current solvers to be clean and robust.
  3. On the top of 1 and 2 write new solvers and function, they will returning and handling all the solutions of equations like sin(x) == 0 and a general singularity finder.

You can look at the details in my proposal

A started working on the sets module in the community bonding period, basically writing a set difference class at this PR , I try to get it merged by the end of this week.

Set are a pretty general mathematical constructs, and you can solve a lot of hard problems if you could compute general set operations. The whole number theory can be defined in terms of sets. So, computing general set operations, e.g, intersection, unions is pretty hard problem too and we should not aim to do all them. In a meeting with Matthew and Sergey we discussed that it would be better if complete the part 2 first. It will give a general idea about what capabilities of sets we need. Also some sets problems can be reduced to equations and vice versa.

I've started working on the univariate solvers at PR. My aim for this week will be.

  1. Completing the rational solvers
  2. Getting the open PR for the sets merged.