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This essay provides a facinating account of westners who leave their homes to fight in middle east, Afghanistan and other places to fight for "jihad". The highlights that for these people going and fighting in a war is pretty much like a personal fairly tail


But the sheer volume of minutely documented and archived process within ICANN produces a weird, if unintentional, sleight of hand, one that is familiar to anyone who’s dealt with any large “open” institution, be it a government or open source software projects. At a certain scale and scope, radical transparency becomes a means of achieving near-total inscrutability. Concepts and policies hide behind jargon, jargon hides behind footnotes explaining jargon, footnotes are full of new jargon rabbit-holes to leap through in some dizzying political mash-up of House of Leaves with House of Cards. To tell someone it’s easy to figure out how ICANN works and what the organization “really” does by offering them hundreds of pages of PDFs on their website is a little disingenuous, no matter how many languages those PDFs are available in.


Salespeople were experts in the art of psychological manipulation, making the client trade, often against his ow n interest, while being happy about it and loving them and their company

The Most Intolerant Wins: The Dominance of the Stubborn Minority

  • The Minority rule: intransigent will dominate because of assymetry

To Read about:

  • Re-normalization group

  • Best worse-case divergence from expectation.

  • Nobody was fired for contracting IBM.

  • Another example is language assemtry

  • How do books get banned? How to minority view rule the others.

  • It is the most intolerant person who imposes virtue on the others precisely of that intolerance.

  • The most motivated wins

  • Value of courage.


  • Avoiding the unccle point

  • Regular arithmetic is good only for micro benefits and losses instead of macro ones.

  • Situations with an absorbing state are very different from the one's without it.

  • Taleb's argument present interesting argumenta. I should probably try to run a simulation for that.

  • Take maximum risk in everything that does not entertain ruin condition, but take max precaution in ones who does. -- Same applies to assumption of good faith norms.

  • Things that have repeated exposure should never be analyzed as a single event.

  • Knowing too much without ability to eliminate junk degrades knowledge. -- My efforts at this should be solidifying current knowledge rather than absorbing more.

  • Intellectual and ethical freedom requires the absence of the skin of others in one’s gam One-dimensional stochastic process always revisits.

How to own people

  • Conditioning and psycological manipulation
  • Forcing people to have something significant to loose if they disobey authority.

  • Compared to contractors, employees have a significant skin in the game.

    • By being employees, the employees signal certain kind of domestication.
  • Today a person is employeed by the idea that (s)he needs t obe employable.

  • The best slave is someone you overpay and who know it.

  • Traders and salespeople were only managable when they were unprofitable, in which case they weren't wanted.

  • Foul Language as a signal of being free.

  • You don't signal competence if you don't take risks for it.

  • What matters isn't what a person has or doesn't have; it is what he or she is afraid of losing.

  • It is easier to trust the word of an autocrat than a fragile elected official.

  • When people have something to loose they loose courage.

  • Disorder increases with dimentionality

  • Success is antifragile

  • International Association of Name Droppers :D