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Anita Sarkeesian and Liana K

Today I recommended Anita Sarkeesian's "Tropes vs Women in Video Games" to a friend and realized that there is a new video in her playlist. It was about the "Women as Reward" trope, where women's bodies or their sexual attention is integrated in the game mechanics to act as rewards for players. Examples of these are cases where players get rewards for having sex with other Non Playable characters or get a smooch of victory or a sex of victory as a reward. Anita's video was eductional as ever a more pleasant experience was watching a video by Liana K.

So when I first watched Anita Sarkeesian last year I could see a video titled "A female game developer's response to Anita Sarkeesian" in suggestions. Though there were some valid points in many of Anita's responses a lot of it was plain Ad hominem, because just because a woman says it doesn't make it right. This time I watched one of her video and I was pleased because she was actually trying to have a conversation, she posted a video where she reviewed the series she the series of videos she made and there she thanked Anita Sarkeesian for starting this dialogue on women in video games even though she disagreed with her. That's amazing. She was trying to bridge a gap and people actually listened, at least many of them. She didn't call things like "this is pro gamer", "this is anti gamer" but it was like "here I disagree", "here I don't". She also called on the reaction by some people that just because she, a woman, disagreed with Anita Sarkeesian all women disagree with Anita. She clearly called it out sexism and plain generalization because she does not represent her gender and can have individual independent thoughts.

She is kinda inspiration and an example that "poles" can be brought close and bridges can be built. And I think this should point to the lesson that it is good to express your opinion, you can wrong or misinformed but if you are open minded and respectful, then can opinion can lead to a conversion which can lead to be better understanding for all.