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Another rant about academia and open source

> You can win in two ways: you can research something that helps somebody beat > somebody else up or consume more, so that they give you funding. Or you can win > by not losing, by pulling some wild theoretical stunt that puts you out of > range of everybody else so that they can’t come after you. You become good at > critiquing things in ways that sound smart, and tell people who disagree with > you that they haven’t read your cannon. You hope that if they call your bluff > and read it, they will be so converted by the experience that they will leave > you alone.

This para drives home the point at so many levels. This is also something I need to be really careful while doing inter disciplinary research. Being from computational sciences I can use tools which no one in the humanities area understand and it will be trying to answer questions which no one in the area of the computational science cares about. So you'll be virtually unbeatable, which is a really bad place to be in.

Keeping your research in open and helping access it as much as possible not only increases the value of your research but also gives a proof that what you are working on is something somebody cares about.