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Salespeople were experts in the art of psychological manipulation, making the client trade, often against his ow n interest, while being happy about it and loving them and their company

The Most Intolerant Wins: The Dominance of the Stubborn Minority

  • The Minority rule: intransigent will dominate because of assymetry

To Read about:

  • Re-normalization group

  • Best worse-case divergence from expectation.

  • Nobody was fired for contracting IBM.

  • Another example is language assemtry

  • How do books get banned? How to minority view rule the others.

  • It is the most intolerant person who imposes virtue on the others precisely of that intolerance.

  • The most motivated wins

  • Value of courage.


  • Avoiding the unccle point

  • Regular arithmetic is good only for micro benefits and losses instead of macro ones.

  • Situations with an absorbing state are very different from the one's without it.

  • Taleb's argument present interesting argumenta. I should probably try to run a simulation for that.

  • Take maximum risk in everything that does not entertain ruin condition, but take max precaution in ones who does. -- Same applies to assumption of good faith norms.

  • Things that have repeated exposure should never be analyzed as a single event.

  • Knowing too much without ability to eliminate junk degrades knowledge. -- My efforts at this should be solidifying current knowledge rather than absorbing more.

  • Intellectual and ethical freedom requires the absence of the skin of others in one’s gam One-dimensional stochastic process always revisits.

How to own people

  • Conditioning and psycological manipulation
  • Forcing people to have something significant to loose if they disobey authority.

  • Compared to contractors, employees have a significant skin in the game.

    • By being employees, the employees signal certain kind of domestication.
  • Today a person is employeed by the idea that (s)he needs t obe employable.

  • The best slave is someone you overpay and who know it.

  • Traders and salespeople were only managable when they were unprofitable, in which case they weren't wanted.

  • Foul Language as a signal of being free.

  • You don't signal competence if you don't take risks for it.

  • What matters isn't what a person has or doesn't have; it is what he or she is afraid of losing.

  • It is easier to trust the word of an autocrat than a fragile elected official.

  • When people have something to loose they loose courage.

  • Disorder increases with dimentionality

  • Success is antifragile

  • International Association of Name Droppers :D