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Giving with No Thought of Return

Steven Holden a PSF board member writes about the question which industry often asks "What's in for Me?" when it comes to contributing to Open Source. And he tries to argue that this should be a question at all because money shouldn't be only thing that matters.

In recent years I have also developed deep skepticism and kinda disgust for the big corporate and their mentality that profit justifies everything. And the sadder part is that a lot of commoners have also justfied this idea. This argument of "it sells" comes from everything from sexism in video games and advertising to privacy issues and the copyright laws.

Hundereds of startups are booming up from Scilicon Valley to Bangalore it would be interesting to analyze how many of them wouldn't even have the scope of coming up if they didn't have all these open source tools and languages. Open Source has given them so much yet they ask "What's in for me?"