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Inconsistency with Discrepency

This article shared an interesting and a very positive perspective on Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India. He was inconsistent without disagreement. Our present government says it is pro development, against development nothing matter and especially secularism should go to the dump. Nehru was a person who things as a whole, he recognized that scientific and industrial development is important to gain power but he also understood these are not the only thing we need to have. Our people need to have a depth of personality and sense of tolerance to see that they are not the only people who are right. Nehru was against dogma, including the dogma of science.

I saw a post where Nehru was being criticized for his Hindu rate of growth and that was the only thing mentioned about him. But other factors about Nehru often gets ignore, the time when Nehru took the lead of the Nation, it was in a utter state of Chaos. India is a country where people can be divided in thousands of different groups, be it by caste, religion or language. The fact that he managed to keep the Nation One I think is an achievement in itself.