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The Surprising Problem of Too Much Talent

The study from some sports suggests that add more talented people decreases the overall team performance probably due to decreased coversion in the team. I guess the problem is more because of hiring assholes rather than hiring talent. People skills and physical/sports/domain ability often don't come together. And as suggested by _<stegasourous strategy>, in some areas assholery appears more clever (say talented).

The problem with Female SuperHeros

The article summarized a research which found that exposure to a 13 minute clip featuring the Damsel in distress trop reduced the gender egalitarian views of the participant and exposure of hypersexualized female characters reduced their body esteem. To me the results were not unexpected. The comments thread wasn't unexpected either. A lot of people were saying why there are studying the effect on only women and not on men. Others were saying men are sexualized too. Both are valid propositions if they are poposed as extension of research but totally unvalid in the context because they were used to discredit the research. Just because men suffer doesn't mean the sufferings of men and women are equal and the problems of women are not worth the attention.

How not to counter Modimania

A few weeks ago our prime minister Narendra Modi visited UK and a he was "not welcomed" there, at least by some of the people. An image of Modi with a sword in one hand and Om in background convering to Swastika symbolized that Modi is equivalent to Hitler. The author aptly said that such method to counter Hindu communalism aren't only outright offensive but also counter productive. The point is to attack Hindu Communalism not to attack Hindus. Author suggested that a better approach will be trying to evoke the spirit of tolerance and inclusiveness found in Vedic Hindism.