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UK Government is trying to push a which will force internet and phone companies to store the all the data for 12 months. Indian government also published a draft encryption policy a few months where everyone was required to store the plaintext of all the encryptions for 90 days. Probably UK and US government have laws where someone can be arrested for being a terrorist "sympathizer" and I also heard a statement from David Cameroon that he wants to curb "non violent extremists". Tell me who is being a "extremist" here. Governments are simply creating Fear, Uncertainly and Doubt to control more and more aspects of our lives.

I'm hundred, maybe even thousand time more likely to die in a car crash than in a attack like that of Paris of Mumbai. Which party has its agenda, "we need to make safer cars", "we need to stop rash driving", "we need to force companies to make such a cars that can never kill anybody."