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The stegosaurus strategy

Academicians by their nature and training are critical, they are skeptic and they are trained to see where things might go wrong. They need to think "What can be faulty assumption and what step doesn't really follow from the previous one". Facing and embracing your criticism is important as it brings out hidden flaws and helps you improve overall. This can be tough for people who are new to it. It was tough for the author of this blog post, they have decried the events where they have cried in the bathroom and though about quitting academia on their forth day. But people eventually cope up with criticism and author describes mainly two strategies people take. Some people internalize what critiques like and what they don't and they do the things which they like and avoid the one which they don't. They basically become a chameleon. Others develop a hard skin and become stegosaurus. Stegosaurus spin their tail and argues back. Author argues you should become neither of them, chameleon does things for the fear and not for the love of it whereas stegosaurus in some sense becomes the bully themselves. What will I do? I don't know a stegosaurus definitely seems better than a chameleon