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Two Years without Facebook

I stumbled upon this blog post by Guru Prasad, where he describes spending two years without Facebook. He did it for privacy reasons and because Facebook is collecting way too much information than they should. He is also annoyed by the fact that Facebook is not as much a medium to stay in touch but a stream of photos and shares choosen by the algorithm of Facebook often to sell you targeted ads.

I also tried such experiment last to last year, but that for two weeks not two years. And no one will care if you are there or not, most of the people won't even notice your absence. I also hate the fact that facebook track your every mouse gesture your every moment you spend on their website. I definitely don't mean to say that social media is evil phenomenon but that doesn't mean everything is good about them and I want to take the bad parts out. For the similar privacy/power balance reasons I want to move away from Google services. I already use DuckDuckGo for search and I've also diched Google Chrome for firefox. I'll try to spend some time this winter finding alternatives to gmail and how I can move away from it.

I'm not diching Facebook yet, but I guess I can partially mitigate its bad parts. One of to do it would probably be using a command line client for facebook in which I choose who's posts and shares I subscribe to. I don't know if anyone has done it yet, but I think that should be possible given the api by facebook. Maybe I can also use elinks?